How to Measure Your Brand Engagement 


Before you develop strategies to build your brand, you need to first pay attention to how consumers engage with your brand. You also need to give your consumers good reasons to engage with your brand. Ultimately, you want them to do this again and again — and tell their friends and family to do same.  That means you have to answer this key question before you can build your brand: 

***what do consumers want that my brand can deliver which will jump start engagement and how can I motivate consumers to engage with my brand?***

It is very important to note that brands that engage with customers are far better positioned for long-term success. That’s because brand engagement leads to loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing that money can’t buy.
Having done this, how then do you measure the impact of the engagement?

You will only determine the success or failure of your engagement if:

1. Consumers respond to your campaign
2. They Purchase your product
3. They are Loyal to your brand afterwords
4. They advocate for your product/brand

Where is the touch point?

One strong touch point for every product is the point of purchase. This touch point is a very powerful one as it exploits placement, packaging, pricing, availability and then product interaction.

Another touch point we should never joke with is the media, especially online which is mostly used today. This is one platform every category of consumer play. After a consumer purchased a product, it becomes very necessary for the company to keep the interaction with him- the consumer. This can lead to a repeat purchase. When consumers are pleased with a purchase, they will advocate for it through word of mouth. Never forget that the most powerful impetus to buy a product is someone else’s advocacy.

Marketers should put more energy in building advocacy.

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