Procrastination…Killer of Big Dreams 

You procrastinate when you push to a later date, the task you are supposed to perform “now”. 

The key to controlling this habit is to recognize when you start, and understand why it keeps happening. Then take active steps to manage your time better.
We all procrastinate from time to time, especially when it comes to fulfilling a great  dream. We have our visions and as a matter of fact, we have our plans to achieve it but the question is, when do we start actualizing this? This is where procrastination comes in. Some limitating factors begin to set in. That’s when we begin to hear phrases like:

● It’s not yet time 
● I don’t have the required skills yet 
● I’m so scared of failing  
● No one is willing to support me
● I’m not sure this will work 

These factors and many more kill dreams faster than you know because they block your ability to listen to your true self. 

There is no better time than now.  You must learn to give ourselves timelines and adhere strictly to the aportioned time for each task. That’s my problems with most people (myself inclusive) we drag our feet alot on tasks until they becomes less interesting. The truth is, whatever time is lost can never be recovered.

To beat procrastination, we must do the following: 

♧ Set Deadline: You must understand that lack of clarity causes procrastination. Plans tend to be ambiguous in our minds if we dont have a clear deadline. As serious minded professionals or entrepreneurs, we must take deadlines seriously as it determines our level of efficiency. 

♧ Always give it a try: Striving for perfection has killed many brilliant ideas, products and even businesses. It’s important to do our best first, then seek for perfection as we progress. The longer it takes us to get started, the more our internal dialogue works against us. 

♧ Just do it: This may sound like a Nike pay off, but never mind, it’s simply an action phrase. For how long are you going to keep staring at the blank white paper? For how long are you going to keep pushing your vision to a later date? No matter how many books you read about goals and visions, it’s dead if you don’t get to work. It’s the action that matters not the plan on paper. A vision without execution is dead. 

So people, get up now and do the plan. 

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