Workable Success Strategies 

Success is more of what you do than who you are. Once someone is successful, it’s easier for them to remain successful because people rely on credibility to make decisions. So, if someone is already successful, we believe them because we trust their words, their works and their judgement. But let’s face it, it’s difficult to get to that point when people believe you and want to associate with you or anything about you. There is a process to get to that level. The process is what shapes and prepares you for that level. 

To be successful, you must first ask yourself “WHY”

Ask yourself why you want to be successful and why you have chosen the route you chose to achieve it. If you don’t have a reason to do something, you won’t do it. The more you ask yourselves why you are doing what you are doing, the more motivated you get and once you have a strong motivation, you won’t quit. You’ll keep going, even if you have to change the medium through which your vision is meant to manifest. You’ll be willing to change the “how” until you get it right.

Having known “WHY” you want to succeed, you must define “WHAT” exactly you want to do to succeed.

Thomas Edison knew exactly what he wanted even after several failures, he never gave up until he succeeded.  According to him, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”

So many people start stuff, like a business, only to quit when it gets difficult and start another one. The problem isn’t usually the project. The problem is you.

If you put as much work into your current project as you want to in your next project, you’ll succeed big rather than continuously quitting.

Sadly, people are chronic quitters. Our decision-making muscles have atrophied. We commit to a new pursuit but quit once things start getting complicated.
So, when you decide what you WANT, stick to it. The definition of decision is commitment and determination, so why hold back?

The next step is PERSISTENCE

Persist Through Failures Until You Build Momentum

Whatever you want to achieve, just be persistent and your chances increase exponentially based on the amount of attempts you take. Once you want something so bad, you will take the required risks and acquire sufficient skill.


When you have failed over and over towards your dreams, your confidence will begin to increase. Your internal dialogue will change.

After enough small wins, you’ll know, not think, but know that you’re going to achieve your dreams.

Once that confidence happens, you will be a new person. As they say, the universe will conspire to make your decisions happen. You’ll attract mentors, money, opportunities, whatever you want. Trust me!

You need to NETWORK

There are people you know who can connect you with people you should know, how about you utilize what you already have? Knowledge, skills, experience your brand identity etc. True success comes by taking ownership of your life. No one cares about your success more than you do. So, reach out to people who would help you succeed the more. They are everywhere around you. Locate them and build relationship that will be beneficial to you and your dreams.

There are lots and lots of points to talk about on Success Strategies but the most important thing to note is that success itself is a choice!

Thank you for reading this piece.

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