Your Employee, Your Asset

However you look at it, your staff contribute to the entire success or failure of your business. Employees are the powerhouse of every business. They determine what happens to your business whether you are present or not.  They’re usually the primary point of contact with your customers and as such, can make or break your... Continue Reading →

Managing Expectations in Business

Managing Expectations in every sphere of life is key. The ability to manage other people's expectations is a great strength. Linking this with family scenario, the husband should be able to manage his wife's expectations to reduce frequency of quarrels or misunderstanding. As a business manager or career person, you should frequently communicate with your... Continue Reading →

Business Growth Limiting Factors

Business growth could be limited by various measure regardless of the type of business you run. Take a plant for instance, if it doesn't have enough water, its growth would be slow or even die. Every one wants to Start a business and watch it grow but some factors need to checked to ensure a... Continue Reading →

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