Managing Expectations in Business

Managing Expectations in every sphere of life is key. The ability to manage other people’s expectations is a great strength. Linking this with family scenario, the husband should be able to manage his wife’s expectations to reduce frequency of quarrels or misunderstanding. As a business manager or career person, you should frequently communicate with your team to water down unrealistic or ambiguous expectations.

I have been opportune to work with different kinds of people in my career journey over the last 10 years and able to learn from most of them. It’s really not easy to work with people who completely have  different understanding and ideology from yours. My ability to lower my expectations from each of them made me stronger in terms of what to come.
Ensure you build a positive reputation with all stakeholders to earn their trust. This includes a building solid relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.

However, people who know how to manage expectations are able to more seamlessly navigate the choppy waters of their business. Why? Because they know how to communicate, organize, and direct conversations around getting things done.

***Don’t Assume 

People often get into hot water when they assume a co-worker, supplier, or supervisor knows what they expect or even what they’re talking about.

Don’t fall into the trap of assuming someone has the same understanding of a situation, project, deadline, or task that you do. You can avoid this pitfall by having a conversation in which you openly discuss what’s expected, how it might be accomplished, and how success will be measured. Remember to leave plenty of opportunities for questions. This is also the time to agree and commit to what will be delivered and when.

***Ensure Clear Communication  

One of the best ways to manage expectations is to make sure you communicate with everyone on a frequent basis. Having poor communication can be extremely frustrating for both the customer and the business. One great way to stay on top of communication is by establishing a set schedule in which the client can expect to hear from the business representative.

***Be Realistic with your promises 

I must say at this point that it is important to promise ONLY what you can deliver. It is important to learn to say NO to a client if you cannot solve his needs. This saves you alot of explanations and disgrace. Remember the role of word of mouth in  marketing. It spreads even faster than any other form of marketing. This however can make or mar your business. Your company would do far more damage to trust and reputation by agreeing to provide a service that cannot be delivered. It is better to under-promise and over-perform in order to keep control of customer expectations.

The list is endless but I’d like to stop here. Think about it over and over again. Don’t get trapped trying to impress your clients, else you mess up your business reputation in the process.

Feel free to share as you read.

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