Where Do You See Your Business in the Next 5years?

There is always a strong energy at the start of every business. The business owner throws in various ideas and execution strategies, most of which wear out gradually as income fails to come in. A school of thought says that lots of businesses fail within the first 5years of establishment. This however could be attributed to different factors, both controllable and uncontrollable.

As an Entrepreneur, you need to work with people. You’ll need to hire and train a team. This exciting milestone will grow your business by leaps and bounds.

You can also test the waters by hiring a virtual assistant or a contractor. They can take a lot off your plate.

A virtual assistant can help you establish that highly sought after work/life balance that all entrepreneurs need.

You honestly need to market your business if you must remain in business. Having a great product without publicity is like winking in the dark. Who will see you or know about your product?

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business, be it big, medium or small. Business owners sitting around waiting for clients to call will fail. Smart marketing can actively bring in new business instead of simply reacting to issues/challenges.

Take advantage of internet marketing techniques and work with the right people who will help you create a marketing strategy that you will take you to the bank.

You need to register both your personal and business brand in people’s minds. Leverage every opportunity you come across to let people know what you do and how it will benefit them.

Get involved in local events that allow you to share your expertise. Speak at events and register your brand in people’s minds; especially your target group.

You have the power to keep or kill your business. All you need is to keep thinking, keep planning and keep working. Don’t fold your hands and expect your business to boom without extra push. With the right plan and action, your  business will be around for as long as you want.

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