Your Employee, Your Asset

However you look at it, your staff contribute to the entire success or failure of your business.
Employees are the powerhouse of every business. They determine what happens to your business whether you are present or not.  They’re usually the primary point of contact with your customers and as such, can make or break your company brand and customer experience.
It’s even more challenging for small business owners because they can’t completely keep their staff happy; compared to how multinationals treat their staff.

So how do you keep your employees connected to their jobs and still make them happy with a small budget? Here are few tips:

1. Engage them as much as you can

One of the best ways to motivate your  employees is to give them more responsibilities so they can demonstrate and achieve their full potential. Be on the lookout for specific skills and abilities that aren’t being utilized, activate them by pushing him/her with additional task. Then reward accordingly when the task is achieved within the given time.

2. Don’t Micro- manage

Small business owners can be notorious micro-managers; after all, you’ve probably been used to doing everything yourself from the beginning. However, there comes a time when you can’t grow your business based on your efforts and expertise alone. While it’s important to follow up on your employees, micro-management is not the answer. Constantly looking over people’s shoulders not only demotivates your team, it also stunts employee growth, since they’re constantly depending on you for direction. Motivate your employees by giving them the freedom to do things their way, think for themselves, and deliver results.

3. Always recognize and appreciate good employees

Employees who are recognized regularly are more satisfied with their work and more apt to love their jobs. Build the habit of appreciating your staff each time they deserve it. It makes them feel good about themselves and want to do more.

4. Create developmental plan for your employees

The best way to help people who work for you  is to help them reach their potential. Start by creating a plan for the company, then identify each person’s developmental needs then embark on training. Decide if the trainings would be bi-annual or annually. This will not only improve your staff, it will also help your business grow.

5. Be a role model

To help your employees reach their full potential and thus become more valuable to your organization, you need to become a teacher as well as a leader. Let them always look up to you in all ramifications.  Be a boss they aspire to be and always lead by example.

If you have learnt from this short piece, please share!

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